Beginners Tai Chi Classes

Basic stepping skills are taught and we encourage the development of a strong physical foundation. Key skills, such as Stance, Structure, Sticking, Yielding and Centering, will develop balance, co-ordination, spacial awareness and sensitivity.

Students are taught the Beijing 24-step Short Form, a highly enjoyable form. Qi Gong may include Ba Duan Jin, Five Gates, Element Breaths, Healing Sounds, Swimming Dragon & Lion Plays with Ball.

In the classes, the student will learn about basic Tai Chi Theory covering the 10 Principles, ‘Soft overcoming Hard’, Kua, Dantian, Laogong and Yongquan.

Class Environment

Our Tai Chi classes, available in most areas of London, provide the willing student with the opportunity to learn Tai Chi and Qi Gong at continually deeper levels. With a balance between serious training and enjoyment, the student can develop their proficiency and knowledge, whilst improving physical skills, health, and self-development.

Established in 1990, Mei Quan Academy of Tai Chi is the largest Tai Chi School in London. We have many students and teachers to inspire and guide the beginner as they start their Tai Chi journey. Our teachers provide a relaxed and supportive atmosphere, with close attention to the individual students’ progress. Our classes have an equal mix of male and female students hailing from many different countries around the world.

Private tuition

All our teachers can provide private tuition