Workshops & Corporate Events

Mei Quan Academy regularly runs Tai Chi & Qigong Workshops, often for well over 200 students. Focused, intensive and challenging they continue to be a great success and to date we have run over 100 Workshops.

Student Workshops

The full day programme, with over a dozen teachers, means we can offer more material at a higher level. Students can choose to focus on different aspects of Tai Chi and Qigong and have an opportunity to train with fellow students from other Branches. In addition, themed lunch breaks offer an opportunity to begin learning about aspects of traditional Chinese culture such as tea, calligraphy, art and music. For more information about student workshops please talk to your teacher.

Seminars & Demonstrations

Teachers and students of the Academy have broad experience in giving seminars in Tai Chi and Qigong to work teams, staff members, colleges, schools and special-interest groups.

Senior students may also be available for Tai Chi demonstrations at private and public events or for film and television.

Corporate Stress Management Classes & Workshops

We can provide workshops and in-office classes specifically for office-workers who find they have to sit all day and need simple, stimulating and de-stressing exercises.

We also offer team-building sessions, of varying lengths, both in and outside London, using the practices of Tai Chi and Qigong.

Mei Quan Academy provides Tai Chi Courses, Workshops and Seminars for some of the largest corporations in London.